Life can be challengingTherapy can help | Change is possible

I will work with you to support and guide your exploration of what’s not working in your life and find ways of getting more satisfaction. As a humanistic counsellor and psychotherapist I regard you as the expert on yourself. So I am interested in working with the whole of you, your knowledge and your confusion, your joy and your pain with the aim of supporting you to know more of yourself. With that increased awareness comes the possibility of change. I am empathetic and can also be challenging; I am good-willed and I will always act in your best interests. I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach; we are all unique and I will get to know you as an individual and work with you in the way that best supports you.

For a free initial telephone session to talk about what you’re wanting from therapy, call me on 07975 801084.